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Our Mission

Our Goal Is To Create A 5 Star Experience For Every Guest That Comes To Stay

Five Star Airbnb Arizona Five Star Airbnb Arizona Five Star Airbnb Arizona Five Star Airbnb Arizona Five Star Airbnb Arizona

Your hosts have been traveling, mostly full time, for over 5 years now, primarily living out of Airbnb’s.

After staying in over 100 unique Airbnb’s, they decided to take that knowledge and experience and use it to create (what they hope to be) one of the best Airbnb’s in Lake Havasu, Arizona! They created this Airbnb with your comfort & needs in mind.

Where You’ll Be Staying

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Your Home Away From Home

The hosts designed this Airbnb with your comfort and needs in mind. They’ve put a ton of time, effort and money into making this one of the best Airbnb experiences you can find. Renovating this house during the pandemic was one of the most difficult things they have ever done but they pushed through to make this a 5 star experience for every guest. They have had amazing experiences staying in Airbnb’s all across the country and are excited to be able to provide a unique, comfortable, fun adventure to all that stay! Any and all photos you see in the property have been personally taken by your hosts!

In order to give you the most comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable stay, the hosts put a focus on some of the most important things they always look for in an Airbnb:
Arizona Vacation Rental Bedroom


The hosts know that great beds help make a great stay more enjoyable so they invested in comfortable, supportive beds. The Master Bedroom has a luxury latex mattress (that is one of the most comfortable beds they have ever slept on!). The London Room has a brand new Full mattress and the Middle Room has a top-of-the-line Kodiak Queen Futon.


The hosts tested multiple cleaners before picking their awesome cleaner, Erica. They know cleanliness is key to a great stay and they put a lot of effort into making this a clean space for you to feel good about.


All of this property’s furniture is both comfortable and supportive. From a La-Z-Boy couch and recliner to top-of-the-line computer chairs, these hosts have you feeling good so you can enjoy your trip!

Arizona Vacation Rental Bedroom


 This property has very fast 400MB internet, great desk and work spaces and a huge 86” TV so you can have an epic movie night on your vacation.


The hosts love having great outdoor spaces at their Airbnb’s and the backyard and the 2 screened in patios (Arizona rooms) were a big reason they bought this place.  The backyard features a great (non-heated) pool and a beautiful view of Cupcake Mountain (which the hosts summited in 2021 :). The property has a propane grill (propane tank is provided but you are responsible for filling it if needed) and a very comfortable hammock, plus, you get to see Quail! 


London Bridge (8 minutes), Rotary Community Park public beach & recreation (8 minutes), Lake Havasu Golf Club 36 holes (4 minutes), Dick Samp Park – SO many pickleball courts! (15 minutes)

The Famous 

Havasu Quail Obstacle Course

You read that right! A Quail Obstacle Course, right in your backyard! The quail love to visit this property nearly every morning and evening. If you’ve never seen quail before, they provide LOADS of entertainment with their silly noises and shenanigans! Your hosts decided to take the entertainment up a notch by building a truly one-of-a-kind Quail Obstacle Course! 

Anytime you book to stay at this unique property, you’ll be provided with one bag of bird seed. If you’d like to see the quail hop up ladders, jump off the diving board, or hop from other boards to the food source, simply put the bird seed in the bird bath in the backyard and watch from the back patio, London Room, Middle Bedroom, or if you are quiet in the pool they’re likely to stop by! 

Check out the fun video below to see the Quail in action!
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